Digital Campaigns Within The North of England

Digital advertising has the power to drive greater relationships with your customers. At Exterion Media, they can offer you a digital solution in various environments that will suit your business objectives and create a message to your target audience. Find out more.

This can be in a range of formats, including:

  • Escalator panels
  • Advertising screens
  • Electronic billboards

Digital out of home advertising can be altered depending on certain conditions that will suit your brand in a particular moment, e.g. a change in football score. This means content that is more suitable, relevant, contextual and engaging so it will optimise your campaign even more which will attract consumers.

Successful Digital Campaigns

Capital FM

Exterion Media have created a ground-breaking campaign for the Capital Summertime Ball. They offered a unique platform for broadcasting footage from the event and were displayed in numerous locations across TFL’s network. Live footage and social media updates were presented on the underground DOOH screens, connecting people to the event.


Motion detection technology has been used to detect when people were nearby to screens in popular urban locations. When motion sensed, content would appear on the screen as well as an audio output. This helped to engage shoppers on another level, where they were caught by the screen. Contact us.

WAR Child

During the BRITs in 2016, War Child teamed up with o2 to launch a digital out of home campaign. It helped to promote a recent product of theirs that would help raise money for the WAR child charity. It also used social media feeds. Get involved today.